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Affiliate FAQ’s

Affiliate FAQ’s :

How do I become an affiliate?

When you sign up as a member of the Bitcoin Initiative you are automatically enrolled in the affiliate program. When you login to your back office you can find your affiliate link under your profile screen.

Does my affiliate membership have monthly fees?

You must donate to the Bitcoin Initiative to keep your affiliate status active. Your admin fee is mandatory for all levels to help maintain the system. You will have up to 4 separate donations to make each month based on what level member you would like to obtain. See our Membership Fees page for more information.

How much in donations will I receive each month?

There are many factors to determine the amount of Bitcoin you will receive each month. And there is no guarantee how much you will receive. You must remain active with your admin fee and any and all membership levels within the program in order to receive donations from each level. See our Membership Benefits page for more information.

What is the admin fee?

The admin fee is a fee we have added to help maintain the website and the integrity of the program. Making updates and adding new features to the website. The admin fee also helps cover any costs for website articles and market research we do to provide you with the most up to date information as well as the latest in Bitcoin investment opportunities. Please note the admin fee must always remain active in order to stay active in the program to receive all your member benefits.

How many levels are there in the program?

There are 4 levels. Level 1 , 2, 3 and level 4 memberships. Each level has a monthly donation requirement and with that you are eligible for additional benefits within the program.

How do I receive donations?

When you sign up and create a profile a bitcoin address is generated internally for you. When a member makes a donation or a sponsor donation is sent to you, it will be sent to this address. You may withdraw your balance at any time. You will find a wallet balance inside your backoffice once you have created a profile.

Can I lose my position in the program?

Yes. Once you have been inactive for 30 consecutive days you will be removed from the matrix. Inactive means that your admin donation has not been made for 30 days or more.

How many people can I refer to the program?

You can refer as many people as you can. The program is designed to allow an almost unlimited donation opportunity for those that are excellent at networking and sharing with others.

What if I want to cancel?

You may cancel by not renewing your admin and any membership level. Once 30 days has passed you will then be removed from the system. If you cancel your membership, all of your referrals will be assigned a new sponsor and you will no longer be allowed to receive donations from them.

If I rejoin the program will I get my lost referrals back?

No. If you have left the program for more than 30 days and have been removed from the system, you will not have credit for any of your past referrals. They have been reassigned to other active members.

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